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As Paypal still has a max amount we can recieve per year we welcome donations via banktransfer as well.

IBAN: SE91 6000 0000 0005 2965 0428


Bankgiro: 774-3552

Full bank details below

The Swedish sex worker organisation Rose Alliance (and its predecessor ROSEA) has been fighting against the Swedish Model for over a decade. Over the years members of Rose Alliance have been giving numerous presentations on the subject, been interviewed over a hundred times by journalists from all parts of the world and have answered questions from both individuals and organisations. We have done so with limited or no funding. We have also been the only source of information on health and safety and rights for sex workers in Sweden as state initiatives are solely focused on "rescuing" sex workers and perceive any kind of harm reduction or information on occupational health and safety as "encouraging prostitution". One of our own board members passed away as a result of sex work being deemed a form of self-harm (see link below) and several of our other members have been evicted, lost custody of children, been denied access to adequate medical treatment or have lost their jobs as a result of sex work and/or activism.


Despite all of this, we have managed to keep on working. We've even managed to secure some state funding as well as funding from Mama Cash and OSF which meant that we were finally able to hire two staff members, something we have needed for a long time. Although we have secured some future funding we are, since two months, in a severe funding gap. We are currently being financed by one of our staff members who, despite not having been paid for the last two months, has borrowed money in an attempt to stabilize the financial situation during this funding gap. But now the situation has become too severe for us to be able to solve on our own and we risk having to end all of our current activities unless something changes soon. Even when our next grant comes through it is not certain that we will manage to survive, as we simply will have too many debts to pay.


The only solution we can see is to ask for help, hoping that the work we have done, and want to continue doing, is seen as valuable enough to support. We are very aware of the fact that sex work organisations all over the world are terribly underfunded, something that is incredibly unfair considering the amazing and important work that is being done. We are just one organisation in financial distress among many others. Yet asking for financial support from our community, our allies and broader network is all we have left and every donation, no matter how small, is helpful. Please help us in any way you can. If you can't contribute yourself just spreading the word to friends and across social media is a huge help in itself. Next tuesday we are finally releasing our new report, and you will be able to download it here for free. Thanks to all sex workers and rights activists, allies and brave  people who dare to be real.


If you have any questions please contact us at info@rosealliance.se


Below is a breakdown of unpaid expenditures (all past due date) that we need to solve urgently, if we somehow would raise more than that that money will be earmarked for support to sex worker organisations who are fighting against the Swedish Model.

                            SEK                Euro                USD

Salaries           63.000            6680            7438

Rent                15.000            1590             1770

Taxes              20.850            2211             2461

Other bills      25.500            2703             3009